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EYECLOPIA - New Site After 15 Years on Caroline St.

Learn to Drum, Paint, Improve your Performance Skills...

A Drum Acappella Group featuring Ken Crampton & Jeff Fick...

A Garage Art Rock Band featuring Ken Crampton, John Sweton, and Fritz Beer

An Alchemical Drum Circle Experience, held at Four Quarters...

A camping experience for the whole family, held at Four Quarters

Community Drum Circles
Held one Friday a month 7 pm (call to make sure I'm in town), Bring drums, or just come and dance.... This circle is open to all levels and super fun for families. Community Drum Circles are also available for Festivals, Family Celebrations, Camps, and Corporate Teambuilding.
For more information call Ken Crampton (540) 371-9040

Learn the Djembe

Take care of your Drum and Learn to make it sing!
The Djembe is a goblet shaped drum hailing from the 12 century in West Africa. This amazing drum has incredible deep bass to high cracking slaps. In this class we learn to tune the drum, then the basic practice rhythms to make your drum speak and sing. One song will be taught. Group / Individual / Kids Classes offered please contact for more information.

Rhythm Maker Class
Found Sound & Drum Construction

Learn to see and hear musical instruments everywhere! Create inexpensive percussive toys, and construct drums. Learn the shapes of drums around the world, and an introduction to rope tension drums.
Beginning drummers to advanced (all ages), work in a group exploring the elements of an ensemble, and it’s orchestration. Simple Rhythms to grow and expand upon. Fun for all!! West African inspired rhythms.

Everybody Drum Workshop
(Drum Circle Facilitation)

A community & teambuilding experience using drumming, voice, and movement techniques to empower individuals and unite groups. The drum and various percussion instruments represent diverse generations and cultures, providing an alternate voice for participants regardless of technical ability.

Drum circles offer relaxation, emotional release, and spiritual expression through social interaction. The experience can open doors--encouraging dialogue and building self esteem while relieving stress and elevating the human spirit. Workshops done at gallery, festivals, corporate environments, music stores, schools, head start
and at- risk programs.

Figure Drawing
Create with a roomful of artists, exploring mark making and color. Practice you eye/hand coordination and study of anatomy. Models clothed, and unclothed, various body builds, male and female. Class starts with quick gesture drawings, then progresses into longer more detailed poses. Break out critiques in a
constructive environment.

Abstract Expression Workshop
Beginning to Advanced artists express inner emotions and communicate through abstract forms and colors. Create images of pure spirit and feelings on a new level of communication, through color and mark making.

Color Theory for Kids
Explore the various shades and tones, while learning the color wheel and vocabulary of color. Venture into different materials, pencils, paint, and chalks. And paint from memory or a still life!!



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